Twenty Tattoo Awards Collected in 2017

Brandon Albus has now beat his personal record of 18 tattoo awards in a single year, by claiming victory with 20 tattoo awards in 2017. Halfway through the year, Brandon had already taken home 15 awards. This is no surprise when you see Brandon's amazing tattoos, but this accomplishment is a new personal best.   "Words [...]

Brandon Albus Tattoos the United States in 2017

Award winning tattoo artist Brandon Albus will be making his way across the United States in 2017. He is traveling to numerous tattoo conventions this year as he seeks more first place awards for his magnificent tattoos. Brandon will begin his adventures as a featured artist at the Lubbock Tattoo Expo on Feb. 3-5.  Next, [...]

Brandon Albus Wins “18” Awards in 2016.

Tattoo artist Brandon Albus earned 18 different tattoo awards in 2016. He won his first award at the 2016 Ink Life Tour in Amarillo and since then has continued to win every competition he has entered. "It feels really awesome," said Albus. "After the first award came to the rest quickly followed. I won 2, 3, [...]

Brandon Albus Master of Black and Gray Tattoos

Black and Grey Master Brandon Albus presents you with his stunning portfolio. His creativity and ability to hide images inside of other images are unparalleled. Albus has taken home 18 awards for his tattoos and he has won first place for black and gray in every competition he has entered. "I take my time on [...]

Brandon Albus Accepts Sponsorships

Award winning tattoo artist Brandon Albus has officially accepted a sponsorship to the Empire Inks Pro-Team. Brandon Albus of Third Eye Gallery in Dallas, Texas is a quality-driven artist who specializes in photo realistic and surreal stylized black and gray tattoos. "Empire Ink originally approached me at the Dallas convention last year," said Albus. "I was [...]