Brandon Albus Wins “18” Awards in 2016.

13506989_1167987939919347_7714998061884261320_nTattoo artist Brandon Albus earned 18 different tattoo awards in 2016. He won his first award at the 2016 Ink Life Tour in Amarillo and since then has continued to win every competition he has entered.

“It feels really awesome,” said Albus. “After the first award came to the rest quickly followed. I won 2, 3, or 4 awards at the competitions and then I won 7 at a single convention.”

Brandon says that he is ready for the conventions in 2017. He is ready to compete and win a lot more awards.

Albus will begin his 2017 campaign on February 3rd – 5th at the Lubbock Tattoo Expo and is appearing as a featured artist. Next, he is moving down the trail to the Ink Life Tour Amarillo, February 17th – 19th. From there he is moving on to the Star City Tattoo and Arts Expo in El Paso on 17th – 19th of March. Next, Albus will be at the 6th Ink Life Tour in Longview on 11th – 13th of August. Also expect to see Brandon Albus at the Ink Master’s Competitions walking away with first place for black and gray.

Somewhere between competitions and tattooing from his custom studio on the river banks of Dallas, Albus will also become a new father this year. He is looking forward to welcoming his first child into the world, expanding his family and his heart.