Brandon Albus Master of Black and Gray Tattoos

Black and Grey Master Brandon Albus presents you with his stunning portfolio. His creativity and ability to hide images inside of other images are unparalleled. Albus has taken home 18 awards for his tattoos and he has won first place for black and gray in every competition he has entered.

“I take my time on tattoos and book one a day and tattoo all day,” said Albus. “I take a soft approach to tattooing so most people can sit there all day.”

Albus believes that quality tattoos takes time and has learned from several masters.

“I need at least four hours,” said Albus. “Most of my pieces average from 6 to 8 hours.”

Brandon charges $175 per hour and sets a minimum limit at 4hrs. The price cap on a day is $1,200, no matter how long it takes.