Brandon Albus Accepts Sponsorships


Award winning tattoo artist Brandon Albus has officially accepted a sponsorship to the Empire Inks Pro-Team.
Brandon Albus of Third Eye Gallery in Dallas, Texas is a quality-driven artist who specializes in photo realistic and surreal stylized black and gray tattoos.

“Empire Ink originally approached me at the Dallas convention last year,” said Albus. “I was using their ink and tagging them on Facebook for awhile. In return, they began sharing my tattoos on their social media pages, so it naturally came together.”

Albus has also recently accepted a sponsorship with Vitalitree Aftercare products. Vitalitree provides booth space and banners for Albus to use at tattoo conventions.

Albus custom designs high-quality and consistent tattoos that inspire the imagination and drive the tattoo industry into the future. He continually pushes the limits with his artwork and defines a new generation of tattoo artists.